Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions signifies a legal binding contract between you (“client”) and Gar-Writers concerning use and access of the website and its related editing services.

Use of this internet site comprises contract with the terms and conditions of the website and acceptance of those.

  1. Gar-Writers will be in charge of purchasers’ matters in the strictest confidence and will keep clients’ personal data exclusive.
  1. Gar-Writers reserves the right to decline to edit any document that is offensive in nature, demeaning to a race/social group, obscene, immoral, against any regulatory or statutory responsibility, or is considered to be improper according to Gar-Writers, whose decision in any and all issues or problems will be  definite and non-negotiable.
  2. Gar-Writers shall not be held responsible for any plagiarism or illegal acts.
  3. The customer stays the sole owner of any rights relating to material edited by means of Gar-Writers.
  4. The default foreign money for our website is USD; all other currencies proven are for reference only. The Gar-Writers’ credit score is maintained in USD in the process. Any credit score bought in any other currency might be modified into USD on arrival.
  5. Payment is payable on the order date. Fee will also be made directly through different payment options provided.
  6. Work only commences as soon as payment has been made. The approximate time for expected return of edited records is given as soon as we get the payment. Gar-Writers will make use of its expertise to fulfil these deadlines. Nevertheless, Gar-Writers is not legally responsible for any delay in delivery. If there are any changes in the deadline date, then Gar-Writers will notify the client right away.
  7. The edited files will continue been available via the internet site for a period of three months following the completion until agreed differently.
  8. Gar-Writers can terminate the rights of the customer without providing a notice at any time and with immediate effect if there is any breach of the terms of use.
  9. This contract is to be ruled through and construed according to legal guidelines. Any disputes shall be field to the amazing jurisdiction of the courts.
  10. The use of all or any part of the website, especially the downloading, copying, broadcasting, republication or distribution, including software and code, for any use as opposed to individual use or personal non-industrial use is strictly prohibited.
  11. Gar-Writers has the sole authority to modify the terms and conditions, the privacy policy and the disclaimer at any time. These changes will be effective on the date that they’re posted on this website.
  1. Once you place your order, it is believed that you have read and understood all the policies and terms and conditions and that you accept them. It also indicates that the company is likely to charge you with the placed order fee using the credit card or any other payment method made available by you. In addition, consider that the company is strictly against cyber crimes and the use of any stolen card will be reported right away to the concerned authorities.
  1. The company will not be accountable if there is any delay in your assignment’s delivery due to wrong contact information provided by you, internet connectivity problem on your side, spam email check filters, or any other general neglect.
  1. If due to unlikely circumstances, there is a delay in your project, then the company will reasonably make a decision on whether to allow you for a partial or full refund. The company’s final decision cannot be disputed.
  1. To offer you the best service, we offer up to 100% refund (company to decide based on circumstances)that you can claim after 7 days and 14 days of the initial deadline of the finished order. First, a revision will be made as per the original requirements and in case there are any adjustments in requirements, then a nominal fee will be charged. In case you are not pleased with the order, then you can claim for a refund within 7 days of the completion of the assignment after which you will not be eligible to claim.
  1. If you wish to cancel your order, kindly do so prior to the work been assigned to the writer, after that you cannot cancel the order and the fee will not be refunded.
  1. Note that we will only commence working on your order after complete payment. We will not start on your order if your billing information is not verified. If delivery of your order is 11 days or more, you should be able to verify billing information within 15 hours, if delivery of your order is within 2-10 days, you are to verify billing information in 8 hours. If the delivery of your order is within 12-24 hours, you are to verify within 1 hour, for urgent orders with delivery of less than 12 hours, the verification is required in 20 minutes of order placement. Your order might be delayed if the instructions are not clear or the academic level is wrongly stated.



Gar-writers is accountable for producing non-plagiarized, as well as original papers to its esteemed clients. We never reject any order, no matter how typical it may be. However, Gar-Writers holds the absolute right to revoke it if the following happens;

  • If the Gar-writers’ terms and conditions are violated by the client
  • If any unanticipated incident happens that hinders the Company from completing the order within the time limit
  • If the company is not able to find an appropriate academic writer
  • Company can decline or cancel the order if the provided time limit is inadequate to complete any task.

NOTE:  The client has the right to ask for a refund if Gar-Writers is unable to undertake the order due to any unforeseen situation.


We at Gar-Writers operate our business online through this website only.

We receive all orders and their payments via this website only.

Breach of Contract

  • Gar-Writers is authorised to revoke and cancel any order in case the client breaches the agreement.
  • In case any dispute arises between the company and the client concerning the agreement, they shall contact each other first for settlement of such dispute instead of any arbitrator.

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