Working on a Coursework

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Working on a Coursework

A coursework is what institutions of learning refer to as an extended project. This may be regarded as a longer version of an essay. Coursework projects are mostly given at the beginning of a semester in a learning institution. This is because they are assigned longer deadlines for completion. The objective of completing a coursework project is to engage in independent research and explore a topic of your choice. This is why a project has been compared to a type of an investigation in the academic field. In completing a coursework project the writer can decide on any topic of interest. However, there are mandatory topics given in controlled environments for instance learning institutions. Listed below is a brief of what it entails to complete a coursework project.

  • Choice of topic
  • Coursework planning
  • Research gathering
  • Structuring
  • Write-up
  • Final submission

Choice of topic

If you are to complete a coursework project, the topic should be something you have greater interest in. you have to bear in mind that this topic will be with you for an entire period of the course. There are topics which individuals are enthusiastic about. This should be the basis of deciding on the topic. Such a choice ensures an enjoyable experience when completing the project. However, avoid concentrating so much on selecting the topic. Of importance is to understand your field. If the coursework project is in the scientific field, be aware that it will be investigative. In controlled environments such as schools, it is important to request for guidance. Supervisors and tutors are best placed to help you select a topic. They have the experience of the topics that have been worked before. They can serve as better guides to help you choose a unique and researchable topic for the project.

Coursework Planning

Now that you have the topic, you need to come up with a good plan. A plan in this case includes how the coursework project will be conducted. It also details how long it will take. You need to come up with a structured plan on when the readings will start, when to conduct the analysis and when to do the final write-up. When structuring, it I advisable to prioritize the investigative part of the project. Proper planning is important to meet the assigned deadline.

Research Gathering

The contents of a coursework project are sourced from the gathered research. This is why research is of major importance as a primary exercise in completing the project. It is advisable that you use different sources in research gathering. This practice gives you availability of rich content information for your coursework. Among the most used sources of research include journals, radio, the internet, newspapers, magazines, blogs, and books. Depending on the topic of your project the different sources may be used. Always take time and allow flexibility while gathering the information. A good example of a coursework project is a scientific experiment. This is a rigorous coursework project which engages intensive investigation. You will need to read through background and theory information on the assigned topic. This will guide you in gathering reliable data for your coursework project.


Structuring is a major determinant of how your coursework looks like. When data is gathered, it cannot be presented in the raw format. There is need to have a structure to guide on how this data will be presented. Structuring is also regarded as the basic step of starting the coursework write-up. Remember that a good structure is enticing for the reader. It motivates the reader to read through the content. A coursework structure has to look different from an essay. However, you can use the same principle of heading every section to present the ideas differently. The headers have to be dependent on the selected topic. Here is a good example of a coursework project structure:

  • Aims
  • Methods
  • Results
  • Discussion

Writing the Project

This is where the concept of quality should come in. You need high quality in terms of content provided in your coursework. The project you are working on is mostly a major part of your total marks awarded in your course. Given that the project may be an extended essay, there is need to review the essay writing skills. However, in some cases, coursework projects have to involve research and data analysis. These are skills that you should also work on. In most of the coursework projects, it is advisable to use evidence and supporting information. Graphs, charts, and tables have been used in many projects as supporting information. In a case of a project in geography, using maps and images is advisable. For scientific coursework projects, tables, graphs, and images work well. However, not all information can be included in the coursework write-up. It is important to present some of the extra information to the appendices section. This allows your project to look neat and well presented to the reader. For instance, data from the scientific collection could be included in the appendices while the summaries presented in the different sections of the project.

Final Submission

Before the coursework project is submitted to the relevant authorities, take time to go through it. The first write-up is usually considered as a draft. In the process of completing a coursework project, you will have to engage the supervisor. The different feedbacks from the supervisor are useful in editing the project. All the suggestions and recommendations have to be pieced together before the final submission. Below are some of the elements you should check through before final submission.

  • Sense check
  • Word count
  • Proofread
  • Formatting
  • Bibliography

Sense Check

Sense check involved reading through the project and evaluate how much sense it makes to you. You need to use your unbiased judgment to qualify or disqualify the project. You need to check whether there are any contradictions in your project. You also need to check for any repetitions. It is also advisable to cross-check for accuracy in the stated facts.

Word Count

For every project, there is always a defined word count. Word count for coursework projects is included in the instructions. Most institutions give room for a 10% more or less of the word count. Therefore, there is a minimum and maximum word count which you should adhere to. Always double check to see whether the bibliography is included in the word count. Do not panic when you exceed the word count. You can always read through the project and remove the less necessary information. When the word count is less, you also have to be insightful and know where to add relevant content.


Proofreading your work is important to improve on the quality. This is when you check the spelling and grammar in your content. A common mistake in extended projects is typos. They lower the quality of your project. It is advisable to not only use spell check software, but to also read through the content. You can also request a colleague to read through. They can offer an insight about the content while also identifying some of the mistakes in the project.


When writing a coursework project, the instructions are very clear. The instructions include the required format. You should check to see that all the page numbers are in place. The line spacing and fonts should also be aligned based on the instructions. In most of the projects, Arial or Times New Roman fonts are recommended.


When you have checked all the content, you should check your bibliography. This is a section which includes a presentation of the contents used for the project. Ensure that the format recommended in the instructions for the bibliography is followed. It is also good to check that the bibliographic information is presented in an alphabetical order.


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