Completing a Dissertation


Completing a Dissertation

Before completing a master’s degree program, you will be required to complete a dissertation. Students are expected to show whether they have gained the necessary research skills for completing a research project. Assessment is mainly on how best a student is in identifying the suitable area for research. The student is also evaluated on how good they are on setting the research objectives, collecting, and analyzing data. The completion of a dissertation is also intended on learning how good a student has learned about the different research methods. Completing a good dissertation demands that you come up with a clear objective include the analysis, and apply theory.

  • Selecting the topic
  • Research Planning
  • Writing the dissertation

Selecting the Topic

In a learning environment, dissertation topics are decided with the consultation of the supervisor. However, you need to start thinking early enough on what you would be comfortable in writing about. The supervisor is available to give you advice and guidelines. When you come up with a general topic, you can use the professional advice to narrow it down. For instance, you could be interested in writing about primary education. You need to choose what element of primary education is of interest to you. The issue to be researched could be lowering grades of primary school students. Then you could finalize by evaluating the factors that affect the lowering grades of primary school students in your region. The supervisor is available to help you narrow down the scope of your topic.

Research Planning

It is important to commit to making a good plan for your dissertation. This includes creating a timetable to guide in the completion of the dissertation. Planning has to engage the supervisor. The guidance from the supervisor is important in scheduling the different activities. The first step should be coming up with your reading list. You should engage a wide-range reading in your area of study. It is also advisable to develop some few questions to guide on your engagement with the supervisor. There are specific questions that you will require for the supervisor to respond to. This may include any section of the dissertation.

Writing the Dissertation

There are different frameworks of writing a dissertation. It is important to check with the supervisor of the expected structure. Institutions have different recommended structures. A basic structure of a dissertation has the following elements.

  • Title page
  • Abstract
  • Acknowledgements
  • Table of contents
  • Table of figures
  • Introduction
  • Literature Review
  • Methodology
  • Discussion
  • Conclusion
  • Bibliography
  • Appendices

Title Page

The elements included in the title page of a dissertation are dependent on the institution. There are defined formats which students are expected to follow. However, any given dissertation has to include the title. The student’s and course are written below the title. The next required detail is the date and the supervisor’s name. However, this format can change depending on the expectation of the institution’s format.


An abstract is information in brief about the dissertation. It provides a summary of the contents. An abstract should not be too long. At least one paragraph is good for summarizing the dissertation.


The acknowledgment is where you thank everyone who took part in supporting the completion of the dissertation. This is where you identify individuals or groups who made contributions whether morally, emotionally, psychologically, or financially.

Table of Contents

The table of contents is the presentation of the different parts of a dissertation. The table of contents also includes the highlighted page for each chapter of sub-section.

Table of Figures

In a dissertation, a researcher uses tables and figures as supporting evidence for the research. This is why it is important to identify them. The table of figures is where these tables and figures are included and the pages listed.


The introduction of the dissertation is a presentation of the background information of a topic. This is where you write tour research question, identify the problem and state your thesis. The introduction should give the reader a brief overview of the dissertation topic. It prepares the reader what to expect in terms of content and structure of the dissertation.

Literature Review

The literature review includes a critical presentation of the sourced literature. The writer uses the available information to guide in presenting the discussion. This is where previously completed literature is used to help the reader understand the topic better.


When completing a dissertation, you need to choose which methods are reliable for both data collection and analysis. The methods section is where the selected methods are discussed. You should also discuss in this section why the methods are preferred. This section also discusses how the methods are applied in the completion of the research.


The discussion section is a presentation of the different ideas related to the dissertation topic. The researcher makes decisions as to what data is relevant for the research. The selected and collected data is used in the discussion section. The researcher should be guided by the research questions in the discussion.


The conclusion is a summary of the main points from the research. It brings all ideas together as discussed in the research. It also establishes the main answer to the research question. In the conclusion section, recommendations may also be made. This includes a suggestion on any need for further research or action. It is important to avoid making the conclusion too long. Two to three paragraphs are enough to avoid repeating a lot of content discussed in the main body.


The bibliography section in where all the used literature is acknowledged. The researcher lists all the literature sources in an alphabetical order. It is important to cross-check the recommended format or type of referencing.


When completing the dissertation, there is different information which is not central to the text. However, this information is important because it plays a role in completing the dissertation. Such information is included in the appendices section. Among the main examples of content included in the appendices include copies of letters, images, questionnaire, and maps, among others.

A dissertation is an academic work which requires high level of intellect in completing. A major issue when writing a dissertation is adherence to originality. A researcher should work towards producing original content. It is important to use a recommended academic style when completing a dissertation. Critical analysis should also be the main guide for your presentation. Among the main elements to avoid when completing a dissertation include long sentences and paragraphs, and complex vocabulary. Individual opinions should also be exempted from the dissertation. It is expected that you base your arguments on evidence. Use of personal language is also not allowed in completing a dissertation. “I” and “my” should not be used to describe or discuss any content in the dissertation. It is recommended to make the subject plural in your discussion and presentation of information. This will help you to avoid the use of “he/she”.

The presentation of research limitation is also a major challenge for writers. You should focus on emphasizing the quality of your work. Any problems highlighted in the research should be presented objectively. The researchers should show how aware they are of the limitation and suggest a solution for future research. Proper punctuation should also be emphasized in the dissertation style. It gives the reader an easy time in reading through the content. References should also be made wherever any content from other scholars is used. You should be aware that supervisors will keep on making corrections to your dissertation style. The best thing to do is to accept and work on the changes. The faster you respond the better. Remember dissertations are a major part of your course. They determine a major part of your score in your course.

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