Writing a Case Study: What You Need to Know

CaseA case study is a form of analysis aimed at investigating an identified problem. The purpose of a case study is to examine what causes the problem. It also engages the use of available evidence to create possible solutions. However, you have to bear in mind that supporting evidence should be availed when discussing the problem and the solution.

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Working on a Coursework

Course Work 2A coursework is what institutions of learning refer to as an extended project. The objective of completing a coursework project is to engage in independent research and explore a topic of your choice.  In completing a coursework project the writer can decide on any topic of interest. However, there are mandatory topics given in controlled environments for instance learning institutions. Listed below is a brief of what it entails to complete a coursework project. Read More

 Completing a Dissertation

office-620817_1280Before completing a master’s degree program, you will be required to complete a dissertation. Students are expected to show whether they have gained the necessary research skills for completing a research project. The completion of a dissertation is also intended on learning how good a student has learned about the different research methods. Completing a good dissertation demands that you come up with a clear objective include the analysis, and apply theory.

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Master the Art of Literature Review

literature ReviewA literature review is a critical evaluation of already written literature about an identified research topic. Literature review is mostly used as the first step to understanding the ideas, opinions and arguments in a particular area of study. Among the main sources of literature review are peer-reviewed journal articles, books, magazines, online articles, website content, and conference proceedings among others.

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Writing A Good Essay, How To

pr1An essay is a piece of writing leading to a specific argument or opinion. Essays are common in any course. They are assigned after almost every topic of the course. The following are some of the key elements you need to understand before you write the essay.

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Steps in Writing a Thesis

 Thesis StatementA thesis statement is a presentation and summation of ideas in a single sentence. A thesis presents the position of a writer about a given topic. From the thesis, the reader should get a glimpse of what to expect in the discussion. A thesis is also used to develop the focus of an argument. A thesis should be presented in the first line of a paragraph. Burying a thesis in the middle of a paragraph lowers the quality of your discussion.   Read More

Working on a Research Paper, Steps Involved

ResearchA research paper is written based on information sourced from other authors. It is also regarded as term paper or analytical reports. In writing a research paper, you become the investigator. You are supposed to research an issue and give a report about it. The concept behind a research paper is to uncover facts related to an identified issue. Read More


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